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Text Item



Using text items


Text items allow you to store any information as text. For example, you can store:


  • Passwords for instant messengers like Skype or ICQ
  • Product keys for your software
  • PIN and PUK codes of your SIM card
  • Password for your home WiFi network access
  • and any other information, which you find appropriate to save


The following picture shows the text item editor.



Text item editor



Text items are stored in RTF format. Therefore you can choose font, color of text, paste html documents etc.



Text editor commands


When you open the text item, several commands appear in place of main menu. These commands include:


  • Font Font

    Allows you to choose a font and text color for currently selected text.

  • Subscript Subscript

    Allows to type in subscript (for example H2O ).

  • Superscript Superscript

    Allows to type in superscript (for example E=mc2 ).

  • Align to the left Align to the left
    Center Center
    Align to the right Align to the right

    These options allow you to align horizontally selected text.




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