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What is LoginCode ?


LoginCode is a user friendly and easy to use password manager that allows you to manage your private data. Its primary purpose is to allow you to quickly log on to the website and give the opportunity of using long and strong passwords without the need to memorize them.


LoginCode stores your information in the database, which is saved in a single and strongly encrypted file. This means that any interception of the file by an attacker does not allow to access the stored information. To read the database it is also necessary to have a password which is known only to the person who owns the database.


This application also allows you to automatically log on to the websites. To log on, just make a few clicks, your username and password will be automatically entered into the browser and then sent to the server.


Data stored in the database is encrypted multiple times to protect you against unauthorized access. The only method to read it, is to enter the correct password. Therefore, if you forget the password, your database will become useless. Make sure your password is easy to remember for you.



Supported browsers


LoginCode supports the latest and most popular web browsers available in the world:


  • Internet Explorer (version 6.0 or newer)
  • Mozilla Firefox (version 3.0 or newer)
  • Google Chrome (version 4.0 or newer)
  • Apple Safari (version 4.0 or newer)
  • Opera Web Browser (version 9.0 or newer)

If you have installed more than one of browsers listed above, LoginCode will use the browser registered as default.



System requirements


LoginCode requires a computer system that meets the following conditions:


  • 500Mhz (or faster) CPU
  • 256MB (or more) of RAM memory
  • At least 20MB of free disk space
  • Microsoft Windows XP SP2 or newer




You can learn more about LoginCode on the following websites:


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